Central Rand Gold Limited (“Central Rand Gold” or “the Company”) is a company engaged in a gold mining and exploration project that aims to bring profitable and sustainable gold mining back to the City of Johannesburg.


“Currently, there are five of the seven New Order Prospecting Rights still remaining active, namely (253)PR, (254)PR and (257)PR in the Westernaria, (148)PR in the Village Main and Robinson area and 167PR situated in the Simmer and Jack area. Prospecting rights (253)PR, (254)PR, (257)PR and (148)PR are currently under renewal for an additional three-year period. All Prospecting Rights except for one have since been transferred from Rand Quest Syndicate Limited (“RQS”) to Central Rand Gold South Africa Proprietary Limited (“CRGSA”) via Section 11 applications lodged with the DMR. A Section 11 application for Prospecting Right (167)PR has been lodged but is still pending DMR approval. A sixth prospecting right (30)PR located in the south of Joburg is currently in dispute with the outcome of the appeal still pending decision by the Minister.

The Company received its first New Order Mining Right (140)MR from the DMR on 17 September 2008. This Mining Right, which was awarded 14 months after the initial application, enables Central Rand Gold to mine gold at its Consolidated Main Reef, Langlaagte and Crown Mines and City Deep tenements. The Company’s current mining right comes up for renewal at the end of 2016. A process to extend the term of the mining right has now commenced with the submission of a mining right renewal application in August 2016.


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